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Press release: 2nd ROGEAP regional workshop to finalize media strategy.

Press release: 2nd ROGEAP regional workshop to finalize media strategy.

The 19 media focal points from the 19 member states of the ROGEAP project are taking part from March 13 to 14, 2024 in Lomé (Togo) in the work of the 2nd information and awareness-raising workshop on the activities implemented within the framework of ROGEAP by the Infrastructure, Energy and Digitization Department of the ECOWAS Commission and the West African Development Bank. The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr Arnaud KOUADIO BA, representing the ECOWAS Commissioner Sédiko DOUKA in charge of Infrastructure, Energy and Digitization, Mr Hodabalo ASSIH, representing Togo’s Director General of Energy, and Mr Abdoulie GASSAMA, President of the ROGEAP Journalists’ Network.

This2nd he aim of the regional workshop is to update the knowledge of focal point journalists and network members on the activities implemented by the project from its start-up in March 2022 to its regional launch in October 2023 in Praia, Cabo Verde, by ECOWAS in the presence of the World Bank and all other key players and partners.

This regional meeting also serves as a forum for exchanges on the implementation of a media strategy that could help facilitate working relations between the ROGEAP Journalists’ Network and the PFM, Project Fund Manager (technical structure recruited by the ECOWAS Commission to implement certain components of the project) on the one hand, and with the West African Development Bank on the other. This will enable the journalist focal points, at the end of the work, to better define the missions and methodology for implementing the activities of all the project’s stakeholders, with a view to better media support and greater visibility for ROGEAP’s activities in the 19 member states.

As a reminder, ROGEAP is a regional initiative implemented by the ECOWAS Commission and the West African Development Bank (BOAD) to increase access to sustainable electricity services in the 15 ECOWAS member states and 4 other African countries (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Mauritania, Chad), benefiting households, businesses and public community health and education infrastructures through a harmonized regional approach. It is financed by the World Bank, the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) and Dutch Cooperation (DGIS) to the tune of 338.7 million USD.

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